a wine and tapas tasting room

Palate is located in the quaint north shore town of Kilauea, Kauai. Our mission is to provide a unique wine tasting experience for our guests. We believe nothing beats the simplicity and brilliance of a good wine paired with the perfect cheese and cured meat. We take pride in selecting wines from small, esoteric wineries from around the world and strive to create the ultimate food and wine pairing experience. Enjoy a variety of flavors in an unpretentious, casual environment with a professional and knowledgeable serving staff. 

Like what you tried? Or would you like to try the wine before you buy a bottle? Right next door to the Palate Wine Bar is Palate Market where you can buy what you enjoyed. If you really fell in love with one of the wines, you can buy a case through our "Case Plus 10" program. Meaning, we only mark up cases of wine 10%, allowing you to enjoy the best wine deal on Kauai.